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Large Palm Fan Teethy Leaves

Item details:


  • Our Large Palm Leaves come in orders of one. 


  • Natural - Green/ Brown tones
  • Each Palm is natural and unique; colours may vary.


  • Our super BOHO palms are 20" tall by 10" wide. 
  • Each Palm is natural and unique; sizes may vary.
  • Incorporate our Large palm fan teethy leaves in your home or office by styling them in vases of various sizes. As a centrepiece, incorporate this in your next flower arrangement or your next floral wreath. 

  • Ideal for enhancing the beauty of wedding centrepieces or creating a natural boho feel by lining the aisle.


  • Our boho sun palm fans are the perfect addition to your home or office to achieve a sense of tropical serenity. Travel to the beach from your living room by adding these natural boho-dried palm leaves to any vase.

  • Our dried palms are natural items collected by our farmers on the beach line. They are real leaves that dry out in the sun. The dots you see on the item are sunspots. This is a normal part of this product. As they are a natural item, the spears are never uniform, and none will ever be the same. You will see some with curves, spots, bent tops, and even holes. We wanted to showcase this product in its natural, gorgeous form.

Care: Capable of being trimmed to be styled in any vase. Use sharp scissors or garden shears.

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Sale price$15.00 CAD Regular price$42.00 CAD
Large Palm Fan Teethy Leaves - Luxe B Pampas Grass  Canada , ships via Canada Post from Edmonton
Large Palm Fan Teethy Leaves Sale price$15.00 CAD Regular price$42.00 CAD