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Calligraphy Brush with Stand

This vintage calligraphy brush comes with a beautifully designed decorative stand, making it both a functional and stylish addition to any space. Its intricate details and elegant design showcase the artistry of calligraphy, making it a must-have for calligraphy enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

Stand Dimensions: 17" tall 

Brush: : 1 cm * 1 cm * 30 cm 

About our brush: Initially used for painting calligraphy, it is now a sign of peace, elegance and knowledge and is used as a home decor accent. It was considered a manifestation of the worldwide ideology.  Chinese calligraphy decorative brush is handcrafted with a natural animal bone handle and soft horse tail hairbrush.

Sale price$129.00 CAD
Calligraphy Brush with Stand - Luxe B Co Vintage Home Decor Shop Luxe B Co Instagram
Calligraphy Brush with Stand Sale price$129.00 CAD